Ritter Pen

The company was founded by Jacob Ritter, who on 15 September 1928 began to produce wooden boxes for the Opel factory and for the mineral water manufacturing plant. Shortly afterwards, the Great Depression forced the company to restructure. Jacob Ritter then started processing plastic, from which he produced shavers, powder compacts, jewellery boxes. After the end of the war, he returned to wood processing. At the same time, he also became interested in production of plastic items, such as paperweights, cigarette-holders. In 1948, ballpens and cartridges were produced and presented at the largest trade fairs in Frankfurt and Hanover for the first time. In 1950, RITTER began producing simple pens, and in 1956 it introduced the first plastic ballpen. The 1960s witnessed great expansion of the company, extension of premises, machine modernization. A significant date is 1972, when the legendary 280 ballpen was born and set new standards in writing culture.

The current owner is the founder’s grandson, Arno Ritter, who successfully continues tradition of the family business. He takes care of continuous development of the company in every aspect: from designing, through product development, labelling techniques to extension of premises and upgrading technical infrastructure. Thanks to creativity and commitment of the staff, the company constantly develops and achieves successes throughout the world. The headquarter is located in Germany, in the town of Brensbach, on 16,500 square metres. The buildings occupy 2/3 of the area, leaving much room for expansion in the future.

Ritter-Pen has a great sense of social responsibility. It pays great attention to respecting ethics and social rights in business, protection of human rights, children and youth, also balance between work and family life. It integrates with the ten principles of “UN Global Impact”

Products by Ritter-Pen are safe, they do not contain toxic or harmful substances outside the industry standards and we can provide transparency for all contents of precursors as well as samples of finished products to ensure appropriate accredited laboratory monitoring.

It is our special strength to make writing instruments not only functional, but also original and distinctive. Our pens “Made in Germany” have a unique design language, a specific “Ritter” look. Our products are characterized by their unusual shape, texture and color. A look at the Ritter-Pen range shows a wide variety of diversity and innovation: Trendy colors, soft grips, moving beads on the clip, aerodynamically styled surfaces; soft stress-ball pushers … the possibilities are endless. With an almost unlimited range of “Mix & Match” colors, customizing your pen to compliment your advertising message or corporate identity is possible. So whether the look you seek is style, color or form, the “ELEGANCE”, “STRONG”, “CLUB”, “CLEAR” or “BONITA” are just a few models in our vast variety of original writing instruments.

Every year we try to produce new, impressive and distinctive pens!

Ritter-Pen Pens are only available through advertising agencies.
Clients are invited to contact directly with their agency.
And all the advertising agencies are welcome to cooperate.