Recycling paper and pure grade PET products, commonly used for bottles, polyester and fleece clothing, has been a longtime standard practice for recycling organizations. Up to now plastic-rich waste such as, end of life cars, household and electrical appliances are usually salvaged for its metal only with their remains ending up at the dump or in an incinerator..

What’s Different Now?

With a totally new process, the plastic content of these junk mountains are being separated and sorted resulting in new raw material. All the plastic parts from your old vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances and machine tools are separated, shredded and with the most modern technology prepared for SECOND LIFE production. In our case, a SECOND LIFE recycled granulate or a POSTCONSUMER plastic will be used to create a whole new advertising pen. RITTER PEN will manufacture many colorful, printable, promotional pens made from this SECOND LIFE recycled material. These writing instruments are characterized by this logo:




The Truth:

Compared to conventional production of plastics from crude oil, up to 80% less energy is needed to produce the SECOND LIFE RECYCLATES.


Our SECOND LIFE RECYCLED pens are available in black and light grey. Customize with a splash of color, the ABS plastic pusher comes in your choice of 27 standard colors. SECOND LIFE RECYCLED pens from RITTER-PEN – leaving another green footprint.



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