To live in harmony with our environment and experience it through our organic pens.



The first pen made from PLA-based material contains 20% Sargassum and barrel from 95% recycled polypropylene. The refill ULTRA RECYCLED is made from post-consumer recycled polypropylene, offering a writing length of up to 6.000 m.



Transparenter Bio-Kunststoff! Eine wirkliche Alternative. Zu 75 % aus nachwachsenden, kompostierbaren Werkstoffen auf Cellulosebasis hergestellt. Ein kleiner Druck auf der Rückseite informiert über die Besonderheit des Materials. Ausgestattet ist dieses in Deutschland hergestellte Schreibgerät mit einer Qualitätsmine Marathon.



A real alternative. This high-gloss ballpoint pen has a two-piece barrel and integrated clip pusher. A small logo on the back identifies that this pen is made from renewable, cellulose-based compostable materials. Great all-around printing area on the barrel. This writing instrument is made in Germany and comes equipped with a quality blue-ink Jogger Soft refill.



Composition at least 90% cellulose acetate, a renewable, biodegradable material. The pusher is made of either transparent ABS plastic or cellulose acetate. Barrel and clip color may vary some due to the nature of the material.



Mindful mix of materials! What makes this German made ballpoint pen Eco-friendly is the barrel, clip, pusher and tip. The barrel is made of recycled cardboard, clip is of natural wood, and the pusher and tip are made from a renewable, compostable bio-plastic based from wood cellulose. The mechanical cover is made of ABS plastic and comes equipped with a quality Jogger refill.



A real eco alternative. Manufactured with at least 80% cellulose acetate, a renewable, compostable, bio-based material. The colored mechanism cover allows the implementation of corporate colors. This writing instrument is made ​​in Germany and comes with a quality blue-writing Jogger refill. Due to the nature of this material slight color variations in barrel and clip are possible.


Bio-Pen ID

Barrel and clip made of renewable, bio-based material cellulose acetate. Bestseller of our ECO-LINE now available in new colors, special colors on request.



A German eco pen for all engineering aficionados! A real eco alternative. Interlocking push mechanism engages with your corporate or other accent color cover. Consisting of 80% cellulose acetate, a renewable, compostable, bio-based material. This pen is equipped with a quality Jogger refill. Due to the nature of this material, slight color variations in the barrel and clip are possible.



One of the first ever eco-friendly pens on the market. This German made writing instrument is manufactured from recycled cardboard, pine wood and plastic. Equipped with this pen is a quality Jogger refill.


Crest Recycled

Once I was a coffee maker. An ingenious design language characterizes this ballpoint pen made of post consumer material (recycled) manufactured in Germany. The mat barrel harmonizes with the shiny clip and pusher. From the barrel to the pusher, the shape changes from round to an interesting triangular one. Barrel and clip provide enough space for your advertising.