Cult & Elegance

This elegant writing instrument series is simplistic in nature however easily conforms to ever changing styles and trends. Perfect contours, combined with individually selectable colours, set a charming platform. The spacious surfaces provide ideal conditions for great advertising ideas. CULT & ELEGANCE is a pen collection with high aesthetic demands.

Form & Style

Timeless, durable writing instruments: Clear in aesthetics, perfect in their material and workmanship. Pens for people and events that come and go.


To live in harmony with our environment and experience it through our organic pens.

Touch & Comfort

Writing instruments with a welcoming soft touch. The soft comfortable grip is aesthetically appealing to the stressed or tired hand. We invite you to relax, and indulge in this pleasant writing experience.

Idea & Function

Various clip and pusher elements make these pens stand out and break away from the ordinary class of contempo­rary pens.
IDEA & FUNCTION offers alternative solutions for target groups with special needs.

Basic & Volumes

Simplicity is not simple, it is genius. Clean lines relieve the eyes and leave nothing to be missed. Have diversity in advertising, with many models and colours to choose from.


Following retrospective trends, the CLASSIC pen line continues to stand out confidently from the mainstream. These RETRO classics mediate longevity and durability that can still inspire us today.


Each pen is an expression of the personality of its owner. These brass and aluminium writing instruments are highly durable and symbolize quality and class. Ideal to use when reflecting a similar company image.


For our writing instruments a variety of individual single packages are available to choose from. From a simple cardboard pocket case to high-quality case with magnetic closure - for every budget a matching packaging.